Bison Baby Nursery Update

Bison Baby Nursery Update

Hey y’all!

Happy spring! It has been b-e-a-utiful here in PA lately, which means I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, rearranging, and redecorating. Most recently, H’s room got a makeover and I am loving it! He still has his bison theme, but his room seems a little less “baby-ish.” His makeover also allows us to open his window to let that amazing fresh air in, and seems to provide a bit more room. I’m also happy to report that while he has a few different decor items in his room, I did not buy him anything new! I used a few pieces from around the house and took some out of his storage boxes downstairs, but mainly I just moved things around including wall decor (using the same screws so I didn’t have to deal with more holes). Check out the end result!





Bison and cactus decor-Hobby Lobby
Triangle Shelve-Hobby Lobby


Cactus & Teepee picture-Hobby Lobby
Prayer sign-Hobby Lobby
Bison and cactus figurines-Hobby Lobby
Succulents-Hobby Lobby
Wreath materials-Hobby Lobby (handmade)



Signs-Hobby Lobby
Blankets-Fabrics from Hobby Lobby (handmade; excuse the wrinkles)


Be Strong sign-Hobby Lobby
Cactus Coat Hook-Hobby Lobby
Tribal Bison-Hobby Lobby
Pillow and Blanket-gift


Bookshelf-handmade gift


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