Our Favorite Books; A One Year Old and His Mama

Our Favorite Books; A One Year Old and His Mama

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Hello mama, dada, fellow reader, or loved one who is forced to read the same three books all day long-I’m glad you found this post!

H has been OBSESSED with books since before he could sit up on his own. Being a (former) teacher, and lover of reading myself, his obsession makes me thrilled! I’ve compiled a list of H’s current favorites as well as some of his favorites in the past.

Enjoy! And be sure to read the end of my post for some benefits of reading to your sweet babe(s)!


Peek-a-Bruce is such a fun book for little ones! Bruce attempts to hide from adorable geese the entire story, but doesn’t do a great job at it! Parts of Bruce, like his nose, can be found peeking out of his hiding spots. H has so much fun “finding” Bruce on every page!



H has really been into Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle books recently! Babes will love this classic filled with repetition and animals!


This is the other Eric Carle book H has been having us read over and over. He loves pointing to the letters and animals. This book has beautiful illustrations and is great for learning letters and animals!


H LOVES books with sounds and flaps; he also love roaring like a dinosaur; so this book is perfect! Have fun roaring with your kiddo as you learn facts, flip flaps, and listen to dinosaur sounds!


Moo, Moo, Guess Who? is the cutest guessing/peek-a-boo book ever! It is filled with clues, animal sounds, giant lift the flaps, and beloved Mickey Mouse characters! I am not exaggerating when I say that I have this book memorized word for word!


As you can see from the cover, Hoppity Frog is a slide-and-seek book making it fun and interactive! H loves seeing the animals pop out and pushing them back in.


Lick! is the cutest book full of pull tabs, textures, and silly illustrations. It has H running around everywhere smacking his lips together!
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb is a silly almost tongue twister book about monkeys doing different things-mainly drumming on drums; dum ditty, dum ditty, dum dum dum. It’s a fun read-aloud for both you and your babe(s)!
Backyard All Year is a touch, feel, and trace book all about what you can do in your backyard each season. It’s perfect for teaching about weather, seasons, and animals!
Oh, The Places You’ll Go is my favorite Dr. Seuss book of all time. It is the cheerer and motivator of all books. This sweet book is the baby version and does just as good of a job cheering and motivating as the real thing-plus it has flaps, slide tabs, spinning wheels, and fuzz. It’s a perfect baby shower or first birthday present.
We also love the Llama, Llama series, Never Touch a… series, and really any book that is interactive either with flaps, sounds, or different textures!
No matter the book, reading with your children is such an important thing and will only have positive outcomes. Not only will you build a better relationship with your child, but you will provide them with a foundation for a better relationship with reading. Studies have shown that reading five (simple) books a day to your child will allow them to enter kindergarten with about a MILLION more words than those who are not read to. In addition to having a more extensive vocabulary, reading to your child will also help them pick up reading skills quicker and easier.*
So, pick up a book (or 5), grab a blanket, get cozied up, and READ!

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