How to Destress as a Mama

How to Destress as a Mama

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Coffee, until wine.


Hey mamas-

Finally something we can all relate to, and if you say you can’t, you’re lying! Sorry, Karen.

As a new(er) mama, I feel like I am constantly stressed. Sometimes it’s a good stress, like getting a million things done for a party I’m looking forward to, sometimes it’s stress I bring on myself by “overdoing” basically everything, and sometimes it’s not great stress that is out of my control like that dreaded sleep regression or when baby H is sick. The bottom line is, we as mamas need to destress-even when we don’t have time!

Recently I got into a rut where my stress relief was staying up until all hours of the night eating snacks in bed and watching “my” tv shows. This was my “me time” and not only did I feel like I deserved it, I NEEDED it. It wasn’t a great way to destress though (potato chip crumbs in bed, being exhausted the next day and everyday after, and being unproductive, which stressed me out further). I finally found a few ways to destress that made me feel GOOD, and I’m here to share them with you! Hopefully every type of mama finds something that will help!

  1. Wine

All joking aside, I am a wine LOVER. Having a glass of wine with dinner or during baby H’s nap time helps me relax a little and makes me have a cheesy smile even if I’m cooking dinner, cleaning, cutting up H’s food, etc. all whilst enjoying. I’m personally a merlot kinda girl-but you do you girlfriend.

2.  Yoga (with my girl Adriene)

Beginner or expert, I can promise you will love Adriene. She has free yoga classes/sessions on her youtube channel, and she just has the best personality. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, she has quick sessions to pick from and target area videos (think back and neck). I personally love her 30 days of yoga. And please know this is not an ad, she has no clue who I am. I am just a fan girl.

3.  Find a Hobby

This was hard for me because I struggle with feeling like I don’t have enough time to do things for me. I’m also home with baby H ALL DAY so I needed something I could start and stop without a lot of effort or clean up. I recently started hand embroidery and I love it! It is inexpensive, allows me to learn new things (which I love; must be the teacher in me), can be gifted (I love giving people presents), and it is minimal setup and clean up. If you have any type of sewing experience, you will be able to embroider. Just know youtube has your back, too! My most recent project was ordered from Amazon. You can use this link or click the picture below to check it out! It is a great for beginners!

4. Ban Your Cellphone (or at least social media)

WHHAAATTT?? I know that’s what most of you are saying-but at least I didn’t say exercise (insert wink emoji). Really though, many of us use our downtime, whether it be five minutes or thirty minutes, to peruse social media. I may be going out on a limb here, but I doubt checking out FB or Insta helps you in any way…Don’t use your phone for a few hours, and see what you can get into. I bet you’ll be less stressed!


5. Read a Book or Listen to Your Jam

If you have a good amount of time, read a book. If you don’t like books, read a magazine. I never feel stressed out when I’m wrapped up in the life of someone else while reading, especially if I have a cozy blanket and coffee (or wine).

If you don’t have more than a few minutes, crank up Lizzo and jam in the kitchen.


6. Clean

This could just be me, but nothing makes me feel better than a CLEAN house and nothing stresses me out more than an unorganized or dirty house. I’m being a little extreme here, but a clean house is a happy house.


7. Date Night

I’m pretty sure this is on every “destress” list, but in my case it is true. A lot of things changed after having baby H and it is so nice to go out with just Sam and “do what we used to” for a few hours. I know it’s easier said than done for some us because of time, money, babysitters, guilt, you get the point-but if you can do it-try!


We are all in this together mamas. As hard as it is, we need to find ways to stay happy and healthy for our partners and babes! And remember if all else fails, coffee and wine.




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