10 Halloween Sensory Activities for Babies

10 Halloween Sensory Activities for Babies

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I love Halloween, y’all, and even though our little monster is still a baby-I want him to enjoy it too! Which is why I came up with these 10 Halloween Sensory Activities!


Sensory play is so important for young children, even babies. Research shows that sensory play promotes both small and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, scientific thinking, and more. WHAT?! YES!


So, dive right into my creepy, tricky, and ghoulish sensory activities and enjoy this season with your boo-tiful little babe!

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  1. Spooky Sensory Sprinkle Bags



I’ve been using “Sprinkle Bags” with baby H for a while, and he never gets sick of them! Grab some Halloween sprinkles or jimmies , some plastic baggies, and go to town! You can also fill the bags with colored water before adding sprinkles-just be sure the bag is closed tight or tape around the edges!



  1. Creepy Crawly Jell-O Dig


This is one of my favorites and can be modified for any season! You need a box of Jell-O, some creepies, and might I suggest-a shower curtain liner. This one tends to get messy!


  1. Eerie Eyeball Spaghetti and Jelly Bowls


The name seems grosser than the activity (I think). Cook up some spaghetti and add a drop or two of olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking. Grab a spooky colored jelly (we picked red-ooo gory), and mix it in with the spaghetti. Throw in some bouncy ball eyeballs and get to playin’!


If you really want to be an over achiever you can dye your spaghetti noodles using food coloring and make Jell-O eyes using plastic eggs for molds!


  1. Goofy Ghosts


Goofy Ghosts has unlimited possibilities! I drew faces on white balloons with a sharpie, and put pom-poms inside, but you can change what you put inside, the color of the balloons, fill them up with helium-you name it!


  1. Curious Cutters


Using flour and water, mix up some old fashion dough. Add some food coloring and let refrigerate for about an hour if possible. If you don’t have that kind of time (who does, right?) just add some extra flour to your dough to ensure it isn’t too sticky. Let you little one play and help them make some Halloween themed cuts! We like these cookie cutters!




  1. Ghoulish Goblin Finger Painting



This is a fun one if you are short on time or not in the mood for a mess. Draw a ghoul on a quart or gallon freezer bag and then add just enough paint to cover the bottom of the bag. Make sure there isn’t any air in the bag and then let your little one move the paint around with their fingers. You can tape around the edges of the bag for extra protection, too!



  1. Tricky Tarantula Web


Tricky Tarantula Web is a great problem-solving activity. Grab a box, some yarn, tape, and a few spiders (plastic, of course) or any other Halloween themed items. Using the tape and string, create a web that baby will have to work through to reach the items! If your babe isn’t so gentle, you may want to punch holes in the box and weave the string to make the activity sturdier. You could also use a laundry basket instead of a box!


  1. Slithering Snake Sensory Bottle


We L-O-V-E sensory bottles in this house! Voss water bottles are the best to use because they are a great shape, and very durable, but you can use any plastic water bottle you have laying around. Add some water, rubber or plastic snakes, and anything else you want (we added beads) for a cool Halloween toy!


  1. Mysterious Mummy Wraps


This sensory activity is definitely one for problem solving! Using painter’s tape or masking tape, tape tongue depressors onto a hard surface that won’t rip when tape is pulled off (plastic, wood, etc.-just avoid surfaces like cardboard). Add eyes to the tape for fun, and then show baby how to remove the tape and free the tongue depressors. It took baby H a bit to figure it out on his own, but his concentration face is the CUTEST! Once he got started, he didn’t want to stop!



  1. Good Ole Pumpkin Guts


That’s right, I’m taking this last activity old school. Go pick a pumpkin with your pumpkin and let them play with the guts!



And there you have it-10 Halloween Sensory Activities. Enjoy!





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