Top 8 Favorite Toys for 7-12 Month Olds

Top 8 Favorite Toys for 7-12 Month Olds

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If you’re not new around here, you probably know that I like to read and know all of the things! Toys, play time, and developmental appropriateness are no exceptions (it also helps that I went to school for early childhood and elementary education).


Babies grow, change, and learn so fast! It is important to provide them with toys and activities that will cultivate their learning experience! After doing some research and letting baby H test out some toys, these are our top 8 favorites (all from Amazon)!

(Note: Many of these toys allow for growth and new ways to play-which is one of the reasons why I love them all so much!)


  1. Shape Sorter (Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks)




Baby H loves everything about this toy, except actually sorting, HA-but we will get there! One great thing about this toy is that it will grow with your babe! Right now he is learning valuable cause and effect skills as he takes the lid off, puts shapes in his bucket, takes shapes out, “bangs” them together, and eats them all! This toy also allows us to have conversations and promotes learning shapes, colors, and counting.


  1. STEM Stacking Rings (Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, 9 Piece Set, Age 6+ Months)


Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, 9 Piece Set, Age 6+ Months


Any type of stacking toy is great for babies this age, however, I ordered this one for baby H because of the different textures. I knew in the start, most of the rings would end up in his mouth, and I thought he would enjoy the different types of rings better. He loves this set! He does put them in his mouth, but he also looks at and feels all of them! He loves throwing them and crawling after them and rolling the stand around. We play with this together too, and talk about the rings’ sizes, textures, and colors; as well as count them!


3. Musical Star (Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy)


Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy


This toy has been a favorite of H’s since he was 4 months old (he’s almost 9 months old now). We typically keep it in his car seat and take it on trips and to run errands. Every time he sees it he kicks his legs with excitement! The star lights up and plays different symphonies.


4. Monster Pop-up (Fisher-Price Monster Pop-Up Surprise)



My dad got H a “Jack-in-the-Box” when he was very young and surprisingly he was never afraid of it! In fact, he became more and more interested in the Jack-in-the-Box and it reminded me of pop-up toys! H and I love this monster pop-up! It is jam-packed with learning from the colors of the monsters, to the number of eyes they have, to the different actions required to make them pop-up. H currently loves pushing the monsters down quickly, but soon he will be rocking all of it!


5. V-Tech Walker (VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker)



We recently got H this walker and I have so many good things to say about it! The activity center comes off so babe can play sitting, standing, or on the floor. It has so many different songs, phrases, and lights keeping baby entertained and learning too (*keep in mind that research shows that parents tend to interact less when battery operated toys are in play-don’t let this happen to you!). The walker, of course, also helps with getting babe walking! It’s been a huge hit in our house!


6. Touch and Feel Books


Baby H has always had a love for books, but touch and feel books have been a game changer for him. He will listen to the same book ten times over if he gets to feel something on the pages. Whenever he gets a new book he knows right where to touch too, it amazes me. I love to see my boy love books and reading. These are our favorites!




7. Balls, Blocks, & Buddies (Infantino Balls, Blocks, & Buddies Activity Toy Set)


Infantino Balls, Blocks, & Buddies Activity Toy Set


Balls, blocks, and buddies is a set I ordered for baby H. Balls and blocks are developmentally appropriate for this age, and when I saw this set I knew I had to get it for him. The pieces are almost like rubber, so again, H can put them in his mouth and they are easy to clean. The balls are different sizes, colors, and textures, which we love. The blocks have animals, numbers, and dots on them which do a great job with promoting learning and conversation. And let’s face it-the buddies are just a cute add in-H smiles every time he sees them.


8. B. Teethers (B. CHEW CH’BOOGIE)

If you’ve ever had a baby or know someone with a baby, you know that babies NEED/LOVE teethers! While H uses all of his teethers, his B. teethers are by far his favorite! They are fun to chew on and play with!





And there you have it-our tried and true Top 8 Favorite Toys! Enjoy!




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