Storage Hacks for a Small Living Room

Storage Hacks for a Small Living Room

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Y’ all, I love my house but it is small! I am forever looking for ways to add more storage and keep our house organized. Below are some storage hacks we’ve found to keep our living room both beautiful and functional.



Furniture with Hidden Storage


Bench & Stools Combo

For Christmas a few years back my mom bought us a bench with two footstools from Amazon. All three of these pieces open up and allow for extra storage; they also double as more seating which is another thing we could always use!


We were able to turn the bench into a desk/filing cabinet too, which gave us more room in the nursery.




Couch Ottoman


We bought our couch awhile back from Ikea and it had an optional ottoman. The ottoman was an expensive add-on, but as soon as I found out it opened and could be used for storage, I jumped at it!




Nesting Tables

Kimora 2 Piece Nesting Tables

Similarly to the couch and ottoman, our coffee table had optional nesting tables as a part of the set. Though the nesting tables aren’t really “hidden storage,” it does allow us to have a table tucked away until we need it for entertaining. These tables definitely beat having to find somewhere to keep trays or running to the basement to grab another table when friends or family are over.




Under Furniture Storage


Containers and DIY Boxes

Storing items under your furniture is something almost everyone can do! Most of our living room furniture has material that goes to the floor which makes it easier to “hide” items underneath, but even if you don’t have furniture like ours, you can make it work! For our furniture that doesn’t have coverage to the floor, I DIYed Amazon boxes with a hot glue gun and just enough rope to cover the parts that can be seen!





Silver Oval Metal Basket - Medium



This one seems relatively simple, because it is! Finding baskets that go along with the theme of your living room is a quick and easy way to provide you with organized storage. We keep baby H’s toys under our coffee table in the baskets above.




And there you have it-a few storage hacks for you to give a go!



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