DIY Easter Centerpieces and Decor Without Breaking the Bank

DIY Easter Centerpieces and Decor Without Breaking the Bank

This year decorating looked a bit different with baby H. I didn’t want to buy anything new (sorry Hobby Lobby and Christmas Tree Shops), and I didn’t have as much time as usual-that didn’t stop me though! I dug out my Easter and spring decor, and looked for everyday decor items that I could pair with them. By combining Easter decorations I already had with my normal decor, I created new pieces without spending a thing!




Here’s a peek at just a few of my creations-






This simple piece is on our coffee table. The galvanized metal tray is everyday decor, I just switched out what was on top (side note: I absolutely adore galvanized metal; it’s so versatile and it works well in our home). On the tray I’ve included two different sized candles (everyday decor from our TV stand), a porcelain white rabbit, and “Easter Egg Grass.” I’m not a huge fan of “color.” I tend to gravitate towards grays, white, and navy blue so the “Easter Egg Grass” was just enough for me! Nice and simple.

Candles-Christmas Tree
Rabbit & Easter Grass-Hobby Lobby



This is supposed to be our kitchen table centerpiece; however, we usually have a baby seat on the table so it is now mainly on the “bar.”


This centerpiece has a bit more color than I would usually include, but I love the different heights and textures together.


Tray, bunny, and floral arrangement-Christmas Tree
Teacup-a bridal shower favor a few years back
Wine Cork Display-an old vase with wine corks (yes, I drank all of those bottles, please hold your applause)
*The tray and wine cork display are everyday decor



Sawhorse Shelf

My sawhorse shelf is always a décor staple; it is one of my favorite things in our home because it has character without trying so hard. My husband made this for me a few years back, and while many things on it stay the same (picture frames, quote blocks, Scentsy), you can always count on a few holiday items to be on there. This year I have an “egg bucket,” bunny sign, two porcelain rabbits, a teacup, and some spring flowers.


Egg bucket, bunny sign, and white porcelain rabbit-Hobby Lobby
Rabbit with the flower-a Lennox piece from my husband’s grandmother
Teacup-a gift from my former student
Flowers-Dollar Tree



And there you have it-just a few of my favorite pieces this year, that didn’t cost a thing!



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